JT Foxx WoW! What an experience


Day Two! Jam-packed with lots and lots of knowledge, insight and new ideas!

Two words I have never used or implemented before and they are "Transactional"  and "Transformational".  Transactional are the things we have to do, on a day to day basis, mostly the things we hate doing and the most time consuming, for instance; update a data base, filling out forms, capturing and processing your buyers list and so on. What I learned today was, get someone else to do it for you. Transformational are the things we love doing, the creative side, selling, speaking to people, meeting with clients. These are the areas we need to spend more time on. The challenge is to act on the knowledge received and the speed of implementation.


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  1. You are already so dynamic and inspirational yourself .. now you are going to be on overdrive

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