Unconventional, Sincere and Real – JT FOXX


JT Foxx

I had the privilege of attending  a workshop lead by the worlds No. 1 Real Estate Coach  – JT Foxx at Cape Town International Convention Centre, just a few hours ago.

Many words of accolades come to mind, yet one stands out “Phenomenal”.  Yes! He is American, (he actually hails from Canada), however I had an open mind to what he and his team had to say.  Well I was blown over by their originality, sincerity and focus AND to impart their knowledge, insight  and the tools to gain great wealth in all areas of life!  Big plus – it was Free, with a face value of $500, (you do the math).
I was one of many invited, I took the bate and went for it! Back again tomorrow morning bright and early.

Lastly, this quote says it all:

“His works are invariably accoladed as definitive, even as they sparkle and spark” (Malcolm S. Forbes).


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