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  1. Sean Borrageiro says:

    I own a sectional title Unit in a complex called Bakara in Glenvista and I would like to clarify why we are paying a levy for our decks. I have consulted with a property attorney with regard to the sectional title act and anything outside the walls of the unit are deemed common property and as such are the responsibility of the body corporate. I spoke with a lumic consultant (The Administrators of the complex) this morning and I was told that the decks are registered as an exclusive use area. The Units above have balconies that have roofs over them and rails that need maintenance but are also for exclusive use and they pay no levy for that which does not make sense. Could you maybe please advise on what is correct in this instance.

    • Ranate Boni says:

      Hi Sean

      As an owner of a unit in a complex, you are automatically a member of the Body Corporate. I always advise owners to be actively involved in the running of a complex. After all, your unit is one of the most expensive investments you will make, therefore protect it. Attend the Annual General Meeting, whereby you could voice any concerns. I highly recommend a book, that in my opinion every Sectional Title owner should have,”Demistifying Sectional Title”, by Marina Constas and Karen Bleijs, This book will empower you as an owner and help you understand the Sectional Title Act, and I quote ….It is important to note that the Act is clear that any owner holding an exclusive use area right, (whether registered or rule-created) shall be liable for a contribution. The Contribution is not optional…

  2. Keith says:

    one of the owners asked for a copy of a financial investment statement and sent it anonymously to the Financial Services Board because he suspected out Financial Advisor was receiving commission and thus was dissuading the managing agent to invest elsewhere. This was totally untrue as the advisor was a not receiving any commission. Has this owner the right to sent the Body Corporates statement to the FSB – should he not have obtained written permission beforehand or preferably brought the matter up at the AGM. The Financial Advisor was very upset and has now threatened to disassociate himself from the complex, which means we would need to employ the services of another advisor which will now cost the Body Corporate.

  3. Susan says:

    I am looking for a two bedroom flat to rent around 6500, which is at least semi-furnished.


  4. Craig says:


    I live in a sectional title complex. Recently we had an AGM where a husband and wife who own the same house are now trustees. Is this allowed as it seems to me that it could be biased and allow them more power.


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