Prestigious Ecklenberg is located on the corner of the lush green Belmont and Erin Road. It has been blessed with lavish lawns and mature gardens to the magnificent mountain backdrop.

Steeped in history, Belmont Road was one of the best-known gentleman’s estates in years gone by. Prestigious Ecklenberg falls into the same category of been such an estate, in this beautiful part of Rondebosch, it is one of the best-kept secrets in the Southern Suburbs.
The property is guarded by two entrances and secured by an electric fence giving you the feeling of tranquillity and safety
This sought after complex has two adjacent buildings which are well looked after and maintained by its personal caretaker.
25 Well-appointed apartments are divided into these two blocks. The smallest apartment of 188m² to the majority of 251m² with enclosed balconies. Garaging for each apartment and there is unreserved visitor’s parking available.

In the area of Rondebosch today, there is probably a greater concentration of schools and other educational institutions than most other suburbs. Ecklenberg is within walking distance of many of these educational facilities. Close to main roads and easy access to the highways, the position is central and convenient. Cavendish is a short car drive for those shopping trips, or you can nip up to Rondebosch main road to the fabulous restaurants or quick every-day convenience stores are found. Baxter Theatre is close by for a feast of convenient live entertaining.

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