Shady Pine

Flat-roofed and sharply etched, there’s no longer any sign of the eponymous pine tree – more’s the pity. But look closely and you’ll detect some smart Art Deco touches and recognise the value of its central location on bustling Main Road. Shady Pine ranges over three floors. The road-facing flats are the largest at around 120m² with 3 bedrooms, then there are 18 mid-size two bedroomed flats and 6 bachelor units on the ground floor at the back.

Each flat has at least one bay, with some lucky owners also getting a lockable single garage.

This block was built in the day when space to live and breathe was considered de rigeur – so you’ve got ultra-spacious living rooms and positively gigantic bedrooms – the luxury of which you simply don’t get in the newer, more modern builds. High ceilings add to the general airiness.

The resident Supervisors keep an eagle eye on comings and goings via the carefully placed CCTV monitors and an active Body Corporate is well supported by the managing agents.

Bordering the over-subscribed Jammie Shuttle hub, this block in Kenilworth Upper is a great value for money prospect, in an ideal location.

Shady Pine Complex Reports

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