” Demistifying Sectional Title”


I was given a book by a client of mine, " Demistifying Sectional Title, by Marina Constas and Karen Bleijs." I had sold her townhouse and in giving me this book, she said: " This book gave me the power to take on any trustee, member of the body corporate, in whatever the dispute, I used it as a Bible. Now I want you to have it and use it." I  have read and enjoyed the easy flow of this book, with all the cartoons explaining the what and how of the Sectional Title Act 95 of 1986.( what a joy!) 

This book is a must have, as Acting Judge Mahomed H.E Ismail states in the foreword," Sectional Title schemes have become a new way of housing in the last three decades. it is important that people in our fledging democracy with its multi faceted cultures and shades who live in such schemes, adhere to the principle of " love your neighbour as you love yourself" 

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