Designer Tricks for Small Apartments

small-apartment-design-813Generally the problem with decorating a small apartment is that it tends to get full quickly, resulting in overcrowding and no direction in terms of style and décor. But there is no good reason to live in an ordinary and plain apartment, even if the space is tight.

Make use of muted tones, cool hues and bright colours, and only use darker shades as accents.

1. Colour corrections 

Colour doesn’t only create a certain ambience, but it also plays an integral part in the perception of depth. This is achieved by making use of particular tones and colour intensities.

Avoid the consistent use of dark colours as they absorb light and make use of muted tones, cool hues and bright colours, and to only use darker shades as accents. Feature walls, borders and decorative detailing work beautifully as accent pieces.

Another way to introduce colour in a space is through accessories, which are affordable and easy to swap around.

2. Choosing furniture and accessories 

Furniture is the essence of any room and is therefore solely responsible for either taking up or providing clever ways of creating more space in a small flat.

Make sure that you use correctly scaled furniture in your apartment as the last thing you want is to have over-sized furniture or too much furniture that doesn’t allow for free movement.

3. Use various sources of lighting 

When it comes to illuminating your space, it is beneficial to have as much light as possible.

The not so new but increasingly popular way to do it is through a skylight. Not only a great way to enjoy some natural light, skylights also offer great views.

4. Be creative with storage

Walls are great for hanging art, achievements and photographs, but that’s not all. Whether you use rails, hooks, shelves or built-in cabinets, your walls are the perfect solution to freeing up floor space.

As an extra measure, you can also hang wall pockets, which can be used to store shoes, clothes and anything else you desire.

5. Putting up window treatments

Heavy and dark coloured window dressings make a room feel smaller. Keeping window dressings light allows sunlight into the room, which plays an important part in ‘opening’ up the space

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