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Pets in Sectional Title Schemes

petsPet owners should familiarize themselves with the prescribed conduct rules in a sectional title scheme before they commit to purchasing or occupying a unit therein. This is because the legal principle “caveat emptor” applies and a buyer is expected to have knowledge of the rules applicable to the scheme.

Some schemes have rules which prohibit the keeping of any pets. Others provide that the owner/occupier of a section may only keep certain pets with the written consent of the trustees, which consent may not be unreasonably withheld. In the latter instance, should an owner feel that the trustees have unreasonably withheld consent, a court may be approached for a declaratory order.

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Questions to consider when Investing in Sectional Title

A little homework goes a long way when considering the purchase of a sectional title unit. Points to questionponder:

  • What is sold with the unit?
  • Are there parking bays, garages and storerooms?
  • Are these facilities allocated by the body corporate in terms of the rules of the scheme, or are they exclusive use areas?
  • Do you need to make a contribution for these facilities?
  • Are there enough visitors’ parking bays?
  • Are there open pieces of land around the complex and has the developer reserved a right to extend the scheme in phases?
  • Can you have copies of the conduct rules of the complex, as well as copies of the audited financial statements?
  • What amounts are owing by the body corporate to the municipality?
  • What are the monthly levies?
  • Are there any special levies likely to be raised in the future?

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State of the Nation – Win 2 tickets to this event!

state of the nationIf you are confused as to where we stand and where we are going; you cannot afford to miss the most eagerly anticipated morning session of the year.
Political expert, Justice Malala and economic scenario planner, Clem Sunter will divine the future for us, under the informed control of award winning radio journalist, Stephen Grootes.
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Our experts will help to get a better handle on the future of South Africa and its place in the world.
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Gas Installations in Sectional Title Schemes

gasWhether for cost saving, load-shedding or culinary preferences, gas stoves and other gas appliances have become the “in” thing in South Africa of late.

Our legislature took note of the increase in these installations and in 2009, amended regulations to the Occupational Health and Safety Act to oblige homeowners to ensure that they have a Certificate of Conformity when a gas appliance with permanent LP Gas cylinders is installed on the property. When the property is sold, certain additional measures must be adhered to.

Owners of units in sectional title schemes often query whether they may install a gas installation on common property (ie, those areas in the scheme owned jointly by all owners) or in their own units.

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15 of the Very Best Braai Side Dishes

The Sectional Title Team and Chas Everitt wish all our Sectional Title residents a very happy Heritage Day.

Convenience is the Way of Life

MontclarePlaceThis mixed-use development not only offers luxurious apartments but a selection of stores from fashion, health, beauty, specialty and services, together with a large Pick n Pay and Virgin Active Gym. Your daily essentials and more are all met with pure and simple shopping! Parking is a pleasure as there are 500 parking-bays on four levels which provide easy access to the centre, 24 hour security and CCTV surveillance, so you can shop with peace of mind in a safe, stress-free environment! Read more about this two bedroom apartment in Claremont for sale.

For more information contact Chas Everitt agent Charlene Faint on 083 765 2116.

Claremont Sectional Title in Demand

sold propertyIt is no surprise that sectional title property in Claremont is in serious demand. With the Claremont property market gaining remarkable ground and becoming a favorable area for local buyers the allure of Sectional Title ownership has been on the increase over the past few months.

Treehaven Close is a sought-after complex with landscaped gardens. This complex is conveniently close to Kenilworth Centre and all amenities.  Read more about this sold two bedroom Claremont apartment.

For more information contact Chas Everitt agent Charlene Faint on 083 765 2116.

Chas Everitt signs deal with Gumtree knows Gumtree.  Gumtree is primarily a Classified Portal founded in the UK, AUS, NZ and SA. In 2005 it was bought by the global giant eBay. They are SA’s #1 Classified Site, the 6th biggest Website in SA.  Their focus on a simple mobile interface and a easy to use App is paying dividends and their across the board popularity is increasing. Their App is the 11th most downloaded App in Android free Apps. Estate

Due to their size Gumtree is also now 2nd in SA on Property after Property24 and better than PrivateProperty. Gumtree attracted over 1 300 000 visits in June (P24 2 400 000 and PP 1 100 000).

Gumtree are about to launch a major drive into real estate sales the from August 2015. With the traffic and eyes they control, their funding via eBay and their already being a Top 10 site, they are a major player.

Our Marketing Solutions ensure maximum exposure to qualified buyers.  As from this week all Chas Everitt listings are now on Gumtree. 

The market is a lot warmer than the weather!

TSTWe would like to share why, in this cold weather, we believe there is a very hot opportunity to put your apartment on the market right now!

Price is largely determined by supply and demand, and right now we have a substantial number of good buyers and there is not a lot to show them.  Many buyers are frustrated with what is on offer and many sellers we are working with hold an opinion that it would be better to wait until Spring to start marketing.

Think about it!  Right now your apartment will be competing with fewer other apartments on the market for the attention of buyers.  This is a huge marketing advantage in trying to secure a sale at the best possible price.

Should the buyer require finance, our friends in the home loan business confirm that banks are currently inclined to be a little more lenient, as there are fewer transactions.   Right now is the optimum time of the year to secure the financing needed to secure the sale.  Add to this, the market is generally expecting interest rates to move higher later in the year.

If you would like to take advantage of marketing your apartment right now, please give us a call

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Intaba News

Intaba Building ImageTransferred Sales in 2014 and 2015 for Intaba in Claremont:

  • 13 Transferred Sales took place in 2014, in the amount R50 453 410, of which R5 300 000 were Bonded.
  • Only 2 Transferred Sales have taken place in 2015 thus far, in the amount of R3 100 000, of which R1 200 000 was Bonded* Based on information sourced from CMA Info, SAPTG and Propstats.
The highest price obtained at Intaba for 2014 was a two bedroom, two bathroom Penthouse which sold for  R4 500 000.

The Chas Everitt CMA – Comparative Market Analysis of your apartment at Intaba is designed to help you determine your best possible asking price. By studying other apartments that were recently sold which are similar to yours, you will be able to make a more informed decision regarding your current competitive market position.

For a no obligation valuation of your property please contact Charlene Faint on 083 765 2116.